Active Steps to Increase Diversity & Address Racism (Joint SIS Program)

Date: November 12, 2020
Moderator: Taryn Marks, Stanford University
Speakers: Taryn Marks, Stanford University; Allen R. Moye, DePaul University College of Law; Nicholas Mignanelli, University of Miami School of Law Library; Kristina J. Alayan, Howard University Law Library; Sarah E. M. Lin, RStudio; Kim Nayyer, Cornell University Law Library; Khelani Clay, American University Washington College of Law; Alicia Pearson, Albany Law School; Michele Angeline Lucero Villagran, San Jose State University; Andre Davison, Blank Rome LLP

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This joint program from AALL’s special interest sections (SISs) focused on steps individual librarians have taken and can take to address racism and promote diversity in their libraries.

The 60-minute event started with 3-minute lightning round talks by speakers who highlighted their ideas for continuing actions librarians can take to address racism and promote diversity in their institutions, followed by breakout rooms, in which the speakers answered questions, discussed their ideas in more detail, and engaged participants to explore how librarians can implement these ideas in their own institutions.

The recording only includes the lightning talks. The breakout rooms were not recorded, but the included notes highlight what was discussed in each room.

Access the recording and notes