Knowledge Management for 21st Century Information Professionals (A3)

Date/Time: Sunday, July 16, 2017: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Coordinator/Speaker: Saskia Mehlhorn, Norton Rose Fulbright
Speakers: Sandra Campbell, Baker & McKenzie LLP; Connie Crosby, Crosby Group Consulting

Tracks: Information Technology; Library Management

The future of information professionals is full of possibilities. The ability to manage and leverage institutional knowledge provides tremendous opportunities to shine and cement a special niche in the ever-evolving knowledge world. Information professionals need to carve out a place for themselves within the core business processes of organizations, rather than being content to offer traditional services from the sidelines. The challenge is to constantly keep abreast of the latest technology developments and knowledge discipline. Due to information overload, information professionals are needed more than ever to quality-filter and provide required information in an actionable or usable form. Information professionals will, however, require a strategic view of the organization and the ability to work cooperatively with a range of other professionals (including those with whom they are potentially in conflict). Information professionals are, therefore, in the forefront of the digital revolution; they should be leading the transformation into knowledge-based enterprises.

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