Managing Student and Volunteer Workers

Date:  February 22, 2018
Moderator:  Nicole Dyszlewski, Roger Williams University School of Law
Speakers: Joshua LaPorte, University of Connecticut School of Law, Rachel Gordon, Duke Law School, Michael Baker, Third-year law student, Washington College of Law – American University, Genevieve Tung, Rutgers Law School

Tracks:  Library Management/Management; Business Acumen

Student and volunteer workers are often indispensable parts of library operations. Managing part-time employees, particularly those who are new to law libraries, can present unique challenges and require a hands-on approach. This webinar will discuss how to effectively manage and bring out the best in your student and volunteer staff through the use of scheduling technologies, robust training programs, and other managerial tools. This program is designed for library supervisors, librarians, and other professionals who work with part-time library staff.

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