Non-English Materials for the English Speaker

Date:  June 6, 2019
Moderator:  Erin Gow, University of Louisville Law Library
Speakers: Yemisi Dina, Osgoode Hall Law School Library; Erin Gow, University of Louisville Law Library; Alex Zhang, Washington & Lee School of Law

BoK Domains:  Information Management, Research and Analysis

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, most of us will inevitably need to research laws from non-English speaking countries, whether we are helping a firm close an international business deal or a professor perform comparative research. In this webinar, a panel of experienced foreign, comparative, and international law librarians who have worked in Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, and the Caribbean will provide practical guidance on finding English translations of non-English laws, provide tips to identify relevancy to your research, and how to find help when you’re truly stuck. Participants will receive a bibliography of reliable translation materials and be able to select the resources, translation services, and aids suited to a specific task, whether the goal is to catalog a document, provide document retrieval, or answer a complex research question.

The webinar will benefit firm librarians, who are tasked with researching foreign laws when their firms are involved in foreign transactions or litigation but who usually do not have the support of a designated foreign, comparative and international law (FCIL) librarian. This will also benefit academic librarians who assist professors and students in researching foreign laws and other librarians involved in this type of work.

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