Our Resilient County Law Libraries: Creative Responses to Unprecedented Challenges

Date: March 18, 2016
Speakers: John Zorbas, Kim Tucker, Carey Rowan

Tracks: Library Management

Many of California’s county law libraries have been struggling to survive a dire funding crisis, even as demand for their services has never been greater. They represent a lifeline for those who depend on their imperiled resources to understand and protect their legal rights. What are the causes of the crisis, and how are these libraries responding to it? What role can we assume to support their vital mission? Carey, John, and Kim will discuss (1) growing challenges to serving users at a time of diminished funds and escalating costs; (2) innovative responses to leverage resources, including collaboration with other libraries, bar associations, and legal advocacy services; (3) legislative advocacy initiatives of the California Council of County Law Libraries (CCCLL), and lessons learned from legislative successes and reversals; (4) a strategy to achieve a comprehensive, lasting remedy to the funding crisis; and (5) NOCALL’s role in supporting CCCLL’s short-term and long-term legislative priorities.

This recording was provided by the Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL).

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