Prison Legal Research Pamphlet – Presentation & Discussion (SR-SIS)

Date: June 17, 2020
Moderator: R. Martin Witt, Columbia University
Speakers: Jake Gottfredson, U.S. Courts Library; Katelyn Golsby, University of New Mexico Law Library

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The 2019-2020 Social Responsibilities SIS (SR-SIS) Education & Awareness Grant was awarded to Jake Gottfredson & Katelyn Golsby, for their Prison Legal Research Pamphlet (LRP) proposal. Please join us to see what they have already accomplished and provide feedback to make the final product as helpful as it can be.

Put simply, the Legal Research Pamphlet (LRP) will contain standard explanations of finding aids and basic legal concepts. It is designed as a printable, mailable pamphlet to be provided to inmates conducting independent legal research from within the walls of a prison. All sections of the LRP are designed as infographics, making the LRP easy-to-read regardless of the educational background of the recipient.

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