Privacy and Security: Getting Beyond the Fear and Hype

Date: June 21, 2017
Moderator: Lisa Junghahn
Speaker: Nicole Hennig

Track: Library Management

If you read today’s headlines about security breaches, you might be thinking of going back to fax machines and snail mail. What do we need to know about privacy policies, location data, encrypted messaging, and targeted advertising? What measures allow us to have some control and sense of security? While there is no such thing as foolproof security and privacy, there is a middle ground. Mobile technologies are everywhere and we need to use them to be productive and to enjoy creative activities. During the webinar, we will discuss these topics and many others such as data backup, password managers, device and identity theft, mobile payment, touch ID and more. You will learn how to cut through the media hype, what you can do to be proactive and come away with resources to take reasonable steps to protect your privacy and security.

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