Social Justice in Law Libraries: #LawLibrariesRespond to Real-Life Crises (H5)

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 18, 2017: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Coordinator/Moderator: E. Dana Neacsu
Speakers: Erika Cohn, Saint Louis University; Lisa Goodman, Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library; Jason Hawkins, University of Maryland School of Law

Tracks: Library Management; Reference, Research & Client Services

We live in times of change, but what happens when these changes come upon us abruptly and disrupt daily routines in our community? What happens when events such as the Orlando nightclub shootings or the social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, happen on or near our campus or neighborhood? Is it the law library’s role to respond? To document? To get involved? To anticipate future disruptions? To educate patrons and attempt to address what may be cultural differences? Given the events of the last few years—and often, in light of their locations—library administrators may find themselves asking any number of questions: Stay open all night? Close immediately? Open as a “safe haven” for all? Offer the facility as an aid station or “command center”? Gather and disseminate information? Defer to our principal institution’s policies or disaster plan? A panel of speakers will share experiences with disruptions to their library routines, and how the administration, librarians, and all library employees became involved in finding solutions—and being prepared should future disruptions occur.

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