Taming the Email Beast: Key Strategies for Managing Your Email Overload

Date: December 15, 2016
Moderator: Eugene Giudice
Speakers: Randall Dean

Tracks: Information Technology

Every day, managers and professionals are getting buried under a continuing stream of both useful and useless e-mail. Without a system for getting “control of the beast”, professionals spend much of their work (and personal) time spinning wheels and feeling highly unsatisfied. Learn a proven system for taming your email account, with strategies for keeping your inbox efficient and under control by building and administering a personal “email infrastructure”. Reduce the mess in your inbox by having “natural” places for your emails to go. Learn how to get rid of all those “quick little” emails once and for all, as well as how to mitigate or even eliminate much of that annoying junk and spam. Learn several key technical tips for better managing your email using market-leading software like MS Outlook and/or Gmail. Finally feel on top of your email and related activities, rather than feeling it is on top of you. This is the first of a three-part series on productivity.

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