The Axis of Access: How New Tools Pose a Challenge to Traditional Legal Research (I6)

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 18, 2017: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Coordinator: Ed Walters, Fastcase, Inc.
Moderator: Andrew Arruda, ROSS Intelligence; Susan Nevelow Mart, University of Colorado Law School Wm. A. Wise Law Library;
Speakers:Jake Heller, Casetext; Daniel Lewis, Ravel Law

Tracks: Information Technology; Reference, Research & Client Services

Data visualization. Artificial intelligence. Big data analysis. Crowdsourcing. Mobile apps. The tools of legal research are changing, and our assumptions in teaching them in law firms and schools must change, too. In a fast-moving world, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening in emerging legal research technology. In this lightning-round of innovation, the CEOs of Fastcase (Ed Walters), Ravel Law (Daniel Lewis), Casetext (Jake Heller), and ROSS Intelligence (Andrew Arruda) demonstrate the next generation of tools, and how that challenges traditional legal research thinking and teaching.

NOTE: One or more speakers on this program did not consent to the AALL recording release, and this program was not recorded.