The Webinar On Webinars (RIPS-SIS)

Date: May 26, 2020
Moderator: Matthew Timko, Northern Illinois University College of Law
Speakers: Rebecca Bryan, University of Tennessee College of Law; Sarah Gotschall, The University of Arizona College of Law; Sibyl Marshall, University of Tennessee College of Law; Gail Mathapo, University of Florida Levin College of Law; Jingwei Zhang, Rutgers Law School

BoK Domains: Professionalism + Leadership At Every Level, Teaching + Training

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The Research Instructions & Patron Services SIS (RIPS-SIS) Online Training Committee is proud to present: The Webinar on Webinars. In this training, we will cover your favorite and lesser known webinar platforms, including Zoom, GoToWebinar, WebEx, and more! You will leave the training with a greater understanding of how best to use these platforms, so you can best determine which platforms are right for you and your institution. There is so much that goes into planning and running a webinar that the only way to show it to you is in a webinar!

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