Tips and Tricks for Efficient IR Management

Date: October 25, 2017
Moderator: Karen Shephard
Speakers: Benjamin Keele, Lisa Peters, and Kris Turner

Tracks: Library Management, General or Core

Managing an institutional repository can be an exciting and rewarding responsibility. In this webinar, colleagues experienced in IR management will discuss several challenges and present tips and tools they’ve used to successfully tackle them. Experts will discuss efficiency and output geared toward results. Methods will be discussed to get the most use out of information collected for IR–structuring it for multi-use purposes. Approaches for getting crucial information from faculty authors will be examined. Participants also will be encouraged to share instruments and methods they use to enhance the efficiency of their IR management.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties during the program, there are two recordings. Speaker Kris Turner revisited the missed slides during the latter part of his segment in the second recording.

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