2012 Business Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 23, 2012

1. Welcome by Kris Helge

  • Sympathy cards passed for Jason Sowards – everyone encouraged to sign
  • RIPS All committee meeting – scheduled Monday, 7/23 at 5:45 – everyone encouraged to attend
  • Thanks to Melissa for arranging the giveaways for the RIPS table and Uwe for the candy

2. Board Projects

  • Penguin donation – adopted three penguins at the New England Aquarium [$105.00]
    • Donation to the SR-SIS Book Drive [$100.00]
    • History Project – Hein will be digitizing the old RIPS Newsletters and adding them to the AALL materials in the Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf collection

3. RIPS-SIS Sponsored Programs Medical Marijuana – highly successful

  • Connect with Patrons by Creating Strong Research Guides – 7/23 at 10:45am
  • Diversify Your Teaching Portfolio with Tutorials! – 7/23 at 1:15pm
  • Riding Solo: Legal Research Competencies for the Solo Practitioner – 7/24 at 8:30am
  • What Were They Thinking and Where Do I Find It?: Strategies for Starting Legislative History Research – 7/24 at 10:15am
  • Thanks to the Program Committee for their hard work in selecting the programs

4. Treasurer’s Report

  • Current balance (as of 6/30/2012) – $24,537.65
  • Expenditures – $11,012.35 (prior to AALL annual meeting expenses
  • Revenue – $9,626.00

5. Grants

  • Six grants were given
  • Committee noticed that applications for the law firm grant were low and they want to look for ways to encourage applications
  • Recommendations
  1. Assign grant winners to a committee to get them involved
  2. Drop the requirement of a letter of recommendation for grant applications
  3. Have the grants cover all expenses, not just the conference registration fee

6. Blog

  • Out-going blog editor, Jenny, thanked the bloggers from the past year
  • New Blog editor – Jennifer Prilliman
  • New Bloggers – Meg Butler, Michele Thomas, Shawn Friend
  • Everyone is encouraged to blog
  • There were 21,650 visits to the Blog

7. Nominations

  • Thanks to all the nominees who ran for Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Board member
  • Thanks to the Committee for their hard work
  • If anyone is interested in being on the Committee, please contact the committee chair, Beth Given

8. Patron Services

  • Chair, Jessica Randall, is trying to get the committee more active

9. Public Relations

  • RIPS table at CONELL and in the Exhibit Hall
  • Present at the CONELL Marketplace and there are four CONELL attendees at the Breakfast
  • New RIPS brochure

10. Research Instruction

  • Reviews of Legal Research texts
  • Marc Silverman is working on a list of newly published texts for new reviews
  • If interested in writing a review, contact Marc

11. Webpage

  • AALL still working on the migration to AALL-NET
  • Maribel will keep the Board updated as to the progress of migration

12. Distance Education

  • New distance education committee created
  • Specific charge of the group is being finalized
  • Jennifer Wondracek is chair of this group

13. Incoming Vice-Chair

  • Uwe Beltz spoke (since Jason, incoming Chair, was not able to attend)
  • Plans for coming year – Strategic Plan and Distance Education
  • Thanked Kris for his work over the past year

14. Passing of Puron

  • Kris ceremonially passed Puron to Jason (via a colleague of Jason’s)

Board Meeting (held immediately after Breakfast)

  • Since Jason was not present, short meeting to touch base
  • Jason’s two projects – Strategic Plan and Distance Education
  • Karin asked that any receipts for annual meeting expenditures be emailed to her