• Administrative Law Crossword Puzzle

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    This crossword puzzle was created to make learning to research administrative law interesting.  It can be filled in as the instruction on researching administrative law progresses, can be used as the final assignment for researching administrative law.

    Administrative Law Puzzle

  • Advanced Legal Research Theatre

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    I created Advanced Legal Research Theatre to get students actively involved in learning the fundamentals of case law research, including characteristics of West’s National Reporter System and digests. I used the exercise, which consists of six fill-in-the-blank scripts, in an advanced legal research class of twelve students. Before the class, students were responsible for reading chapters six and seven of Legal Research Illustrated by Steven M. Barkan, Roy M. Mersky, and Donald J. Dunn (9th ed. 2009). At the beginning of the class, I used the first three Power Point slides to introduce the concept of performing scenes to the students. Then, I divided the students into six pairs. Each pair was responsible for filling in the blanks of one script, using the pages listed on their script from Legal Research Illustrated. (I have not included the handouts by West referred to in scripts 5 and 6. The handout referred to in Script 6 appears no longer to be available.) After giving students time to find the answers in those pages and fill in the blanks, they ‘acted out’ their scenes for the class (read their scripts). I went through the relevant Power Point slides after each pair acted out a scene to reinforce or correct what the students had said in the scene. The slide(s) to discuss after each scene are indicated on the bottom of each script. I have removed the pictures that are in my original version of the slides due to copyright concerns. In their place are descriptions of each picture.

  • Halloween Law Puzzle

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    The end of October usually finds law students hunkered down.  The excitement of starting classes has worn off and the end of the semester seems far away.  Offering a contest that covers laws associated with Halloween can add some fun and energy to this part of the semester. LexisNexis offered 13 Starbucks cards ($5 each) for the contest.  (We were between Westlaw reps at the time so we didn’t get anything from West for it.)
    Students at the University of Hawaiʻi responded to the challenge. Many students commented on how it made legal research fun. We offered entrants a piece of Godiva chocolate when the contest was submitted at the circulation desk. We emailed the contest with the subject line: WIN a Starbucks Card! Enter the Halloween Law Contest!