ALL-SIS Milestones on the Occasion of Its 25th Anniversary

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ALL-SIS logo

1977 AALL establishes SISs as entities
1979 AALL Executive Board approves petition to create ALL-SIS
1979 First issue of ALL Newsletter published
1980 ALL-SIS Bylaws adopted by membership
1983 Superseded State Code Pocket Part List published
1983 Legal Research Problems and Exams Exchange List published
1984 Statement on Faculty Status approved by SIS
1985 First annual ALL-SIS reception at annual meeting at Fordham in NYC
1985 Mentor project started (Puckett)
1986 Clearinghouse of publications and exhibits established (Greene and Harris)
1986 First ALL-SIS brochure published
1986 Report of the Task Force on Long Range Planning (Carter)
1986 Roundtables established as ALL-SIS entities
1987 Resolution Recommending Faculty Status for Librarians passed by AALL membership at annual meeting
1988 A Representative Sample of Tenure Documents for Law Librarians published (Bintliff and Byrnes)
1988 Mentor project of ALL-SIS moved to CONELL
1989 First annual directors breakfast meeting held
1990 First annual middle managers breakfast meeting held
1994 Vision for the Future of the Academic Law Library
1996 ALL-SIS listserv begins (Folmsbee)
1996 ALL-SIS website is created
1998 Strategic Planning Committee Appointed (Kaufmann)
1999 Strategic Plan Preamble and Mission Statement Published
2000 CONALL established for Newer Academic Law Librarians
2000 Hicks Award established
2000 Penny Hazelton awarded first Hicks Award 
2000 Alice in Law Libraryland (skit for CONALL)
2001 Author's Dating Game (skit for CONALL)
2001 Statistics “Crosswalk” compiled (Rush)
2002 Outstanding Article Award created
2002 Serfass and Cranford inaugural winners of Outstanding Article Award 
2002 Strategic Plan presented to members (Bernstein)
2002 Strategic Plan Adopted by ALL-SIS members
2003 Member benefit brochure (PDF) published
2003 Statement on Qualities of an Ideal CALR Vendor-Library Relationship adopted by Section Executive Board (McMurrer)