Annual Report Examples

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Annual Report Examples

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Brief Report (approx. 10 pages or less). This summary-style report often highlights that year's projects and activities, major issues, remaining challenges, future goals. Brief-style annual reports can be advantageous when 1) you have a small staff; 2) your report is for internal distribution only; 3) your report has a theme or focuses on specific issues; 4) your target audience has limited interest and/or limited time. Brief reports may rely on selective use of charts and graphs to effectively and succinctly portray what would otherwise take pages to describe.


Thomas L. Cooley Law School Library.
Audience: Distributed internally to Dean and Faculty; available at reference desk for student review.
Physical Description: Begins with mission statement followed by brief description of that year's accomplishments, significant yearly statistics and future plans.

AR, Cooley.doc
AR, Cooley.pdf

Fordham University, Leo T. Kissam Memorial Library.
Audience: Dean and faculty
Physical Description: Administrative overview, followed by departmental highlights and goals. Identifies issues/concerns, e.g., space, staffing, physical maintenance; lays groundwork for future discussions.

AR, Fordham.doc
AR, Fordham.pdf

University of Houston, O'Quinn Law Library.
Audience: Faculty and Staff
Physical Description: Brief overview of activities; concentrates on those activities that are most apparent to the users, i.e., outreach efforts, new dual degree hires, implementation of remote access, shifting of the collection, newly established off-site storage and retrieval service. Encourages feedback.

AR, Houston.pdf

Widener University School of Law Library.
Audience: Dean
Physical Description: Synopsis of the year's highlights, followed by extensive departmental reports (not included in example). Information from the library's report is incorporated into the Dean's annual report.

AR, Widener.doc
AR, Widener.pdf

In-Depth Annual Report (print). This more detailed version provides a department by department overview. Each section is often generated by department heads which divides the workload making annual report compilation less onerous. Typically includes supporting statistical data, graphical analysis, projections, etc.


Howard University Law Library.
Audience: Distributed to all law faculty, the dean, main campus library directors, the Provost and the University President.
Physical Description: Includes departmental activities and statistics as well as reports from individual librarians. The Dean incorporates data extracted from the library's report into the law school's report to the Provost.

AR, Howard.doc
AR, Howard.pdf

University of Iowa Law Library.
Audience: Dean and faculty
Physical Description: Bound annual report consists of three parts - main report, appendices, departmental reports. Appendices contain statistical tables and other historical data. (See copy of appendices table of contents.) Individual departmental reports include acquisitions, bibliographic processing, cataloging, circulation, government documents, reference, special services, and student computing. 

AR, U of Iowa.doc
AR, U of Iowa.pdf

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Katherine R. Everett Law Library.
Audience: Dean; copies in faculty lounge.
Physical Description: Print report with appendices. Organizational Categories include - Introduction, Administration, Collections, Public Services, Technical Services, Personnel, Conclusion. Uses color and graphics to highlight in-house statistical data and institutional comparisons. Appendices provides additional supporting data. (Due to length, only the first sixteen pages of the report are included in the example.)

UNC Report.doc
UNC Report.pdf

University of Melbourne Law School, Legal Resource Centre.
Audience: Dean and faculty
Physical Description: Highlights the year's achievements and challenges. Staff section includes information regarding continued academic studies (working on or attaining additional degree), professional development (training, conferences), memberships, as well as individual and team projects. Charts and graphs provide statistical data.

AR, Melbourne.pdf

In-Depth Annual Reports (online). Web-based annual reports are visually engaging and allow wide dissemination. Use of hyperlinks provides the reader with additional information.


Cornell University Law Library.
Audience: Unrestricted web access.
Physical Description: Use of hyperlinks allows reader the option of viewing basic report information and expanding to more information as desired. Highlights categories include: Faculty Services, Student Services, Outreach, Awards, Publications, Budget, Planning & Collection, Gifts and Endowments, Staff, Special Guests, Law Library in the News, Legal Research Instructional Programs.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Wiener-Rogers Law Library.
Audience: Unrestricted web access.
Physical Description: PDF format. Example of an "inaugural" annual report. As a first time annual report showcases events from the past five years as well as chronicles the current year's highlights.

University of Texas, Jamail Center for Legal Research, Tarlton Law Library.
Audience: Unrestricted web access; bound print version distributed on campus and mailed to list of individuals/institutions.
Physical Description: PDF format. Includes two fiscal years of information; provides separate overview of each (2000-2001, 2001-2002). Design variety (photos, text boxes, text overlay, varying print sizes and fonts) highlights information and provides visual stimulation. Organizational theme - To Serve, To Educate, To Lead.

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