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Key to letters preceding questionnaire number:
a = Added
w = Withdrawn
h = Held at year's end

ABA 2000
ARL Academic Law Library 1999-2000
IPEDS Academic Library Survey 1998
Print titles awh 1. Titles (excl. non-book)   ah 27. Paper titles
Microform titles awh 2. Micro titles    
E-titles     ah 29. Electronic titles
Other non-book titles awh 4. Other non-book titles (incl. CD-ROM, mss., photos, tapes, Web resources if separately cataloged)    
Serial subscriptions h 6. Number of active serial subscriptions    
Purchased serials   5. Number of current serials, incl. periodicals purchased  
Non-purchased serials   6. Number of current serials, incl. periodicals, not purchased  
Print & micro subscriptions     ah 30. Number of paper & microform subscriptions
E-subscriptions h 3. Web-based titles Library subscribes to   ah 31. Number of electronic subscriptions
Active serial titles h 7. Number of active serial titles 7. Number of current serials  
Federal depository 8. If depository, percentage of items selected    
Print volumes awh 9. Volumes (excl. microforms) awh 1-3. Volumes (excl. microforms, uncataloged govt. documents, maps, audio-visual) ah 26. Paper volumes
Purchased monograph volumes   4. Monograph volumes purchased  
Microform units awh 10. Volume equivalent of microforms 8. Microform units ah 28. Microform units
Govt. docs. units   9. Government documents not counted elsewhere  
Computer files   10. Computer files  
Mss. & archives   11. Manuscripts & archives (linear ft).  
A-V units   12. Cartographic
13. Graphic
14. Audio
15. Film & video
ah 32. AV units
Total print vols. & vol. equivalent of microforms awh 11. Total volumes & volume equivalent (#9+10)    

Prepared by Mila Rush, 2000