Information Access Table

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ABA 2000
ARL Academic Law Library 1999-2000
IPEDS Academic Library Survey 1998
Participation in bibliographic databases 12a. OCLC
12b. RLIN
ILS 13. Have integrated catalog, including acquisitions, serials control, cataloging, circulation? (Will be phased out 2000/01)    
Total titles in online catalog 14. Percentage of titles including in the online catalog    
Locations online catalog is accessible from/to faculty/students 15a. Library
15b. Law School buildings
15c. Off campus
Consortia membership 16. Y/N question only    
Instruction   32. Number of library presentations to groups
33. Total number of participants in group presentations

41. Number of presentations
42. Total number of attendance at all presentations

Reference   34. Number of reference questions  
Circulation   35. Number of initial circulations (excl. reserves)
36. Total circulation (initial & renewal, excl. reserves)
39. General collections
40. Reserve collection
ILL, Document Delivery

17. Number of requests for materials to all libraries, sent by Law Library or law faculty/students/staff:
a. Sent___ b. Filled___

18. Number of requests for materials, from all libraries, handled by the Law Library:
a. Received____
b. Filled____

37. Total number of filled requests for materials provided to other libraries

38. Total number of filled requests received from other libraries or providers

Provided to other libraries:
33. Returnable
34. Non-returnable
35. Total

Received from other libraries or commercial services:
36. Returnable
37. Nonreturnable
38. Total

CALR usage

19. Usage (in-site & off-site) of CALR systems by faculty/ students/staff:
a. Hours____
b. Transactions/searches___


Prepared by Mila Rush, 2000.