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The Nominations Committee is fortunate to have lined up an especially well-qualified slate of candidates for this year's election. Ruth Levor and Merle Slyhoff have agreed to run for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Eloise Vondruska and Bonnie Koneski-White will stand for the Executive Board.

I would like to thank Ruth Hill and Tory Trotta for their assistance in suggesting qualified candidates and everyone else who sent or called in candidate suggestions. In addition, I would especially like to thank Anna Teller for her work on the Nominations Committee. Finally, thanks to the candidates for agreeing to run this year.

Susan Lewis-Somers
Chair, Nominations Committee

Bonnie Koneski-White, Candidate for Executive Board

Bonnie Koneski-White is presently the Director of the Law Library at Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Bonnie began her career at Western New England as a Reference Librarian in 1982 and has held several positions within the library. She is a graduate of King's College, Southern Connecticut State College School of Library Science, and Western New England College School of Law. Bonnie has been an active member of AALL, including service on the Scholarships and the Grants committees and also has co-chaired CONELL. She is presently the chair of the Public Relations Committee of the ALL SIS. Bonnie also actively participates in the Law Librarians of New England and was honored to serve as the president of that chapter.


I welcome the challenge of working with all constituents of ALL to further membership goals. I understand a component of the duties of board member is to act as a liaison between the board and the SIS' committees. This presents an opportunity to assist communication, keep to timetables, and to facilitate making things happen. I believe that my work and volunteer experiences will enable me to fulfill this role. I have benefited from my participation in the SIS and I would like to repay that debt.

Eloise M. Vondruska, Candidate for Executive Board

Eloise M. Vondruska is Associate Director for Bibliographic Services at Northwestern University Law School Pritzker Legal Research Center (NULS PLRC). Before accepting this position in 1997, she was the Head of Cataloging at the NULS PLRC from 1989-1997. She worked in the field of marketing research in the private sector before working at Northwestern Law. Previous experience includes employment in several other types of libraries, including Northwestern's University Library. She earned a M.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a B.A. in history from Loyola University, Chicago.

Currently, she is a member of AALL Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Advisory Committee; TS-SIS Administration subcommittee; and TS-SIS Strategic Plan committee. She chairs the TS-SIS Bylaws/Handbook revision committee. She has held a variety of committee and leadership offices in the Illinois Library Association; several committee assignments in the American Library Association, Association for Library Collections and Technical Services; and interned on the American Library Association's Committee on Professional Ethics. She has served as a Technical Services mentor for several years to students in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Members of professional membership organizations such as AALL and ALL-SIS are facing new challenges and service demands. While academic law librarians have a core, constant mission to serve the research, information, and education needs of law schools, the methods for providing service and the formats of our collections are undergoing rapid and evolving change. Members should look to their professional organizations to provide them with the ongoing education and information not just to respond to change but to shape change in libraries and information services that are of benefit to our academic law library users.

I would welcome the chance to be part of this leadership through service on the ALL-SIS Executive Board.

Merle Slyhoff, Candidate for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Merle Slyhoff started at the Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania, in 1977, as the Acquisitions Librarian. In 1985 she moved to Public Services as the Media Services/Reference Librarian, and in 1990 became the Media and Document Delivery Services Librarian. In 1997, she changed duties and became the Document Delivery and Auxiliary Services Librarian. In addition to overseeing interlibrary loan, faculty and external services document delivery, Merle is responsible for video collection development, public relations and marketing (including library publications), and grants.

Merle has served as the secretary/treasurer for the ALL-SIS, has chaired the Technical Services and Micrographics/Audiovisual SISs, and has been Chair of the SIS Council. She has served on many AALL Committees and has served as Chair of the Education, Annual Meeting Local Advisory, Publications, and Public Relations Advisory Committees. She is also Chair of the ALL-SIS Frederick Charles Hicks Award Committee. Merle is active in ALA and has served as Chair of various committees. She has her BA from Rutgers University and her MSLS from Drexel University School of Library and Information Science


The Academic Law Libraries SIS, is, as its name implies, "home" to all academic law librarians. Whether your title is director, associate director, department head, or librarian, you should be able to turn to the ALL-SIS as a resource, a place to work within AALL, and a networking venue. There is, however, a misconception among many academic librarians that the ALL-SIS is for directors and associate directors. We know that's not true, but we need to reach the nonbelievers. The ALL-SIS needs to incorporate all aspects of academic librarianship into the goals and mission of the SIS. To succeed, we need to work with the "function" SISs, such as Public Services and Technical Services, to create programs and projects that benefit all academic law librarians. Establishing liaison relationships with other relevant SISs would promote the sharing of information and work towards broadening our membership by making academic non-members aware of the vital role we play.

Networking and the sharing of ideas are important functions of any SIS. A firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, I see many opportunities to share the work we do in our respective libraries via the ALL-SIS web page. Possible pages include information on special projects underway in our libraries, a clearinghouse to serve as access to academic law library newsletters, and the creation of a "specialty" directory of ALL-SIS members willing to serve as resources in particular areas of law librarianship. At the same time we must not lose the momentum within the SIS to tackle issues such as the CALI/ALL-SIS project, statistics, and tenure; to continue the long history of relevant educational programs; and to perpetuate the energy of CONALL.

The ALL-SIS is a strong group of dedicated members. Having the opportunity to serve as chair and to help shape the future of the SIS, to help expand the reach of our membership, and to help create a continuing legacy of outstanding programming and projects, would indeed be an honor.

Ruth Levor, Candidate for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Ruth Levor has served as Associate Director of the University of San Diego Legal Research Center since 1992. She was the Head of Government Documents at the University of Cincinnati College of Law Library from 1989 to 1992 and the Head of Circulation in 1989. Before that, she practiced law for three years and clerked for an Ohio appellate judge for a year. She earned a BA in Linguistics and a J.D. from the University of Cincinnati and an M.S.L.S. From the University of Kentucky. She has taught Legal Drafting, Information in the Social Sciences, Law Librarianship and Advanced Legal Research and has given lectures on many legal research topics.

As an active member of AALL, SANDALL, SCALL, and ORALL, Ms. Levor has chaired committees, served on boards, participated in organizing educational and entertainment programs and assisted in special projects. She recently completed a tenure as chair of AALL's Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Editorial Board and Advisory Committee, chairing two annual weekend meetings at AALL headquarters, and is currently a member of the Membership and Retention Committee. She edited the newspaper at the 1998 Annual Meeting in Anaheim and hosted the first Law Library Journal and Spectrum authors' reception at last year's meeting in Philadelphia. She has presented a roundtable and a program on teaching Advanced Legal Research on behalf of the ALL-SIS.

Ms. Levor is also an ardent supporter of AALL's Mentoring Project. She has served as a mentor at each of the last three Annual Meetings and co-authored an AALL Spectrum article with her first mentee on the benefits of the project. She has published several other articles and book reviews, as well as an essay in a book about reparations for human rights injustices. She has served as Treasurer of SCALL; was Secretary of SANDALL as a member of that chapter's founding board; and has coordinated programs and events for both chapters.

She is a member of the Steering Committee of the San Diego/Imperial Counties Library Disaster Response Network. In the summer of 2000, she was one of three law librarians selected to participate in the Stanford/California State Library Institute on 21st Century Librarianship.


As academic law librarians, our leadership opportunities are unique and rewarding. We work to support and enhance access to legal information for leaders in legal scholarship and for future leaders of the legal community. We are challenged to exhibit knowledge and expertise in content, sources and tools of the trade and to model professionalism as legal information experts in the law school community to assure our profession's prominence in the legal community of the present and the future.

The SIS is a primary vehicle for moving the enterprise of academic law librarianship forward. To lead and serve the SIS, one must have a strong commitment to this endeavor, a clear vision of the purpose and goals of the organization, and a dedication to carrying out the plans and programs in which the membership has expressed interest and support. I have already collaborated with a number of you on programming designed to provide us with tools for fulfilling our classroom teaching mission. I have networked with many of you informally on sharing curricula and other resource materials, and I support proposals for development of a teaching web site and other shared resources.

As a devoted Mentoring Project participant, I am committed to involving as many of you as possible in outreach programs such as the highly successful CONELL for Academics. I am also interested in brainstorming ways in which the SIS can support the participation of academics in the many publishing opportunities available through AALL. We have so much to offer in terms of knowledge, ideas and writing ability, and yet it is so difficult to formalize commitments to professional publishing as part of our work activities.

Our current SIS leadership has laid a solid foundation for moving forward with these and other important initiatives. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you in keeping the momentum going.