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One of the charges to the Statistics Working Group 1999-2000 was "to consider whether the simplification of the ABA form might leave a vacuum in the types of legitimate parameters that might be useful for academic law libraries to gather and report."

The Working Group 1999-2000 determined that the way to find out the answer is through a survey. This idea was presented at the Statistics Roundtable in Philadelphia last July, and the Roundtable participants recommended that such a survey be taken.

This year the project is to get that survey taken and analyzed.

To help in this effort, I have prepared a crosswalk of the different questions in the ABA, ARL Academic Law Library, and IPEDS Academic Library Survey questionnaires in the areas of Collections/Resources and Information Access. See the Information Access Table and the Collections/Resources Table.

Here then is the survey:

  1. In addition to these three bodies, what other statistical bodies do you report to? For example, the University of Minnesota Law Library contributes to the Large Law Libraries cataloging statistics.
  2. Please list statistical measures you do not take now that you think will be useful to gather for various purposes. Feel free to elaborate.
  3. If you have an integrated library system (ILS), what statistical reports does your ILS automatically generate for you? Please name the ILS.
  4. Any comments?
  5. Name and Library. This is optional, but will be quite helpful.

I will also post these questions on the all-sis listserv for those who wish to respond electronically.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me: or phone 612-625-0793.

Please send your responses to: Mila Rush, University of Minnesota Law Library, 229 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455 or DEADLINE: Please return surveys within three weeks of receiving the Newsletter or by April 13, 2001, whichever comes first. Thank you.

In an effort to take an inventory of the questions that the American Bar Association (ABA), the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and the National Center for Education Statistics (IPEDS) ask in the areas of Collections/Resources and Information Access in libraries, and where these questions roughly overlap, I'm presenting this crosswalk in two tables. I say roughly, because the definitions and parameters vary among the three. The immediate purpose of the exercise is to aid those responding to the survey printed above. A second reason is to look closely at overlapping (between/among the three) elements and possibly reduce statistics-taking. An over-reaching outcome could be harmonization among these agencies in what they ask for, how they define things, and what the parameters of each question are.

The questionnaires used are the following:

  • ABA: 2000 Annual Questionnaire, Part 3 – Library, revised 06/09/00
  • ARL: Academic Law Library Statistics Questionnaire, 1999-2000
  • IPEDS: 1998 Academic Libraries Survey – collected on even-numbered years