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Georgia Briscoe, Associate Director and Head of Technical Services at the University of Colorado Law Library, and Karen Selden, Catalog Librarian at the University of Colorado Law Library, co-authored "Cataloging @ 2000:  Over 100 Years of Change at the University of Colorado Law Library," which was published in Volume 30, Number 2/3 (2000) of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. This article will also appear as a chapter in Managing Cataloging and the Organization of Information:  Philosophies, Practices and Challenges at the Onset of the 21st Century, edited by Ruth C. Carter. Binghamton, NY: Haworth, 2001. - submitted by Karen Selden, Catalog Librarian, University of Colorado Law Library and Public Relations Chairperson for the Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL)

Nancy Carol Carter, Director, University of San Diego Legal Research Center, has been awarded an AALL Call for Papers prize for her paper "American Indians and Law Libraries:  Acknowledging the Third Sovereign." In the paper, she argues that American Indian tribal governments constitute a third sovereign within the United States. A higher legal profile increases tribal contact with the federal and state systems, as well as with private citizens. Law librarians are urged to deepen their understanding of the third sovereign and to undertake the challenges of building library collections and creating organizational systems that best support legal research on American Indian and tribal law. Nancy will be presenting her paper at the AALL Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.