Annual Meeting Preview: New Realities New Roles - Focus on Practiotioner's Toolkit

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submitted by Scott G. Burgh, a member of the 2001 AMPC, and

Chief Law Librarian for the City of Chicago Department of Law Library


One of the five tracks developed for the educational programs for the 2001 Minneapolis meeting is Practitioner's Toolkit. As our profession evolves, we need to keep current with the tools that are the nuts and bolts of our everyday work. The Practitioner's Toolkit track focuses on the means and implementation of our proficiencies as professional librarians.

While many of the themes overlap, twenty-four programs are offered in the Practitioner's Toolkit track which speak to specific applications in our profession. Themes addressed in this track cover many of our day-to-day work lives of cataloging, teaching, publishing, specific subject areas of reference and research, time management, technology applications, web searching, and web page design.


Sunday, July 15

"Power Search - Strategies for Successful Internet Searching":  Addresses hands-on techniques to fine tune web searching.

"The Young and the Restless:  What Are the Realities of Professional Growth for New Academic Librarians":  Plan your career path more successfully.

"Using Metadata to Increase Visibility:  The GPO Access Search Engine Project":  Improve your web site's visibility with this hands-on session.

"The New Reality of a United Germany:  German Legal Sources and Research Strategies":  Addresses very specific issues of German law.

"Pornography on the Internet:  A New Reality":  Understand the limits and constraints concerning access to pornography on the internet and its implications in public areas.

"Celebrating John Marshall:  The 200th Anniversary of His Elevation to Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court":  A great session for legal history research and for assessing the impact of John Marshall.

"Teaching Roles and Realities:  Choosing the Legal Research Text That's Right for You":  An evaluation of texts by a panel of prominent authors.

"New Roles for Catalogers:  Subject Access to the Web":  Use controlled vocabulary to fine tune subject access to the web.

Monday, July 16

"Maximizing the Firm's Technology Investment:  Creative Intranet Applications":  Learn about information dissemination within the firm environment via an intranet in another hands-on session.

"Put a CORC in It:  The Cooperative Online Resource Catalog's Attempt to Control the WWW Information Flow":  A must session for any user of OCLC.

"When to Pay the Piper:  The Copyright Clearance Center - the Robin Hood of the 21st Century, or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?":  Keep current with changing copyright law.

"Cataloger's Dilemma:  When and How to Use Law Uniform Titles":  A must for catalogers that addresses specific applications of AACR2 25.15 and 25.16.

"New Roles? Retooling Yourself for Work in the 21st Century":  Turn your work efficiency into work effectiveness.

"American Indian Law:  The New Reality of Native Sovereignty:  Introduces federal Indian law and tribal law.

Tuesday, July 17

"We're Hiring:  Designing IT Job Descriptions to Attract the Very Best":  Provides useful tools to help write job descriptions and to conduct an meaningful job analysis.

"Implementing the MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data:  The New Frontier in Technical Services":  Identify specific fields of USMARC format for Holdings Data in another session for catalogers.

"Time Management:  There Really Are Enough Hours in the Day":  Prioritize and set effective time management goals.

"New Paths Into the Trackless Wilderness:  New Electronic Resources for Researching State and Local Government Information":  A must for those who need to locate and navigate state and local government information.

"Legal Research for the Xers and Nexters:  Redesigning a Program":  An excellent segue from the 2000 session on teaching legal research to the MTV generation.

Wednesday, July 18

"Getting Published:  A How-to Discussion for the Hesitant Cyber Writer and Paper Writer":  Learn the premier writing venues for law librarians in this session.

"Prometheus Unbound:  "Firing Up" United Nations Legal Researchers":  Addresses UN legal research, the UNBIS database, and the UN's Official Documents Search (ODS) web site.

"And You Thought Gadgets Were Only for the Kitchen! 60 Technology Gadgets in 60 Minutes":  Highlights new products that can help in our daily lives.

"What You Don't Know Can Hurt You:  Essential Technical Services Knowledge for Public Services Librarians":  Highlights technical services policies that impact the catalog.

"World Wide Web Site Design and Management Considerations":  Explains web site composition and diagnostic tools, as well as color, text, graphic, and navigation guidelines.