LEXIS-WESTLAW Vendor Roundtable: Librarian Discussion & Q&A

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All interested librarians are invited to participate in the annual LEXIS-WESTLAW Vendor Roundtable on Monday July 16 from 5:15-6:15. Less time scheduled this year necessitated a change in format. There will be no extended presentations by LEXIS & WESTLAW personnel.

We will begin with a brief look at key issues raised by librarians in the LEXIS-WESTLAW use surveys done by Nancy McMurrer of the University of Washington. Approximately half of the program will be devoted to discussion among the librarians of issues related to administration of LEXIS & WESTLAW in the law schools, such as training, equipment support, printing, and support by academic and student representatives. Then Timothy List of Lexis Law Publishing and Gerald Johnson of West Group will join us for a Q & A. session. Timothy List is the Vice-President, Law School and Federal Courts Markets for LEXIS Law Publishing. Gerald Johnson is the Vice-President, Academic & Librarian Relations for West Group.

If you have any ideas for the roundtable, there is still time to make suggestions. Please contact any of the members of the Vendor Roundtable Committee: Nancy McMurrer, mcmurrer@u.washington.edu, Gordon Russell, grussell@stu.edu, April Schwartz, schwa084@gold.tc.umn.edu, or Rosalie Sanderson, rsander@law.emory.edu.