Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section Annual Report 2000-2001

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The officers of the ALL/SIS for 2000-2001 were Ruth J. Hill, Chair; Rosalie Sanderson, Vice Chair/ Chair-Elect; Beth Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; Paul George, Member-at-Large (appointed for a one year term); Victoria K. Trotta, Past Chair. Merle Slyhoff was elected Vice Chair/Chair-Elect for 2001-2002 and Bonnie Koneski-White was elected Member-at-Large for a two year term.

The goals for the year were to continue the strong thrust towards strengthening the section infrastructure begun by recent executive committees and to increase membership involvement in section activities. Most of the committees, roundtables and special project groups were active this year. The Awards Committee selected Frank Houdek as the 2001 recipient of the Hicks Award. The committee also submitted a proposal for a new award: ALL/SIS Outstanding Article Award. The details of this award will be distributed to the membership during the coming year. The Bylaws Committee proposed a bylaw change to deal with succession of office in the event of the disability or withdrawal of the Chair. This proposal was discussed at the business meeting and the membership will have an opportunity to approve the change during the spring election 2002. The CONALL Committee continued to plan activities of interest to newer academic law librarians. The committee presented a roundtable at the annual meeting addressing the various publication requirements of academic law librarians. The committee also represented the section at the CONELL Marketplace. The Membership Committee and the Public Relations Committee were responsible for the section's presence in the AALL Activities area in the annual meeting exhibit hall. The ALL/SIS Web site editor, David Burch, maintained the web site by posting all relevant section documents. Shaun Esposito assumed the editorship of the newsletter and produced three timely newsletters. Leah Sandwell-Weiss was responsible for mounting the newsletter on web site.

The ALL/SIS Annual Meeting activities included an executive committee meeting, a formal business meeting, a Directors' Breakfast, and a Middle Managers' Breakfast. The section luncheon was well attended. The cost of the luncheon was partially supported by a generous contribution from LexisNexis. A wonderful evening reception, fully sponsored by BNA, was held at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Elmer L. Andersen Library. Joan Howland and the staff of the University of Minnesota Law Library did an outstanding job of hosting this event. Of special note were the string quartet, the tours of subterranean storage caverns and the Sherlock Holmes exhibit.

The section presented four educational programs:  "David In, Goliath Out? Do We Need Larger Libraries to Accommodate More Books?", "The Young and the Restless: What are the Realities of Professional Growth for Newer Academic Law Librarians", "Wireless Network: Is it Time to Untether Users?", and "Alternatives to 'Putting It on Reserve:' The Role of Faculty Web Sites and the Reality for Libraries." Thanks to Dwight King, education chair 2000, and his committee for a job well done.

Along with the educational programs the section presented six round tables covering continuing status/tenure, strategic planning, publication requirements, legal research, statistics, and vendor dialog.

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the Section for your support and participation during my tenure as Chair. Volunteers are the life-blood of ALL/SIS. The success of the section during my time as Chair is largely due to the willingness of so many of its members to say "yes" when called upon. My thanks are extended to all of the ALL/SIS volunteers for their contributions to the work of the section this year. Let's keep the ball rolling! There is much to be done to make our Section the brightest star in the AALL universe!

Submitted by:
Ruth J. Hill
Immediate Past Chair