Academic Law Libraries SIS - Business Meeting Minutes - Sunday, July 15, 2001, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Chair Ruth Hill called the meeting to order at 7:13 a.m.

  1. Secretary/ Treasurer's Report - Beth Smith

The minutes of the 2000 Business Meeting were approved as posted in the Fall 2000 newsletter.

The balance in the Section's account is $16,943.99. This figure does not reflect costs associated with the Minneapolis conference or the Summer 2001 newsletter.

During the Spring election, Merle Slyhoff was elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Bonnie Koneski-White was elected to the Executive Board. A motion was made and seconded for the Secretary to destroy the ballots.

  1. Chair's Report - Ruth Hill

Ruth thanked the committees for their hard work this year. She thanked Tory Trotta (Immediate Past Chair) and Paul George (Member at Large) for serving on the Executive Committee this year.

Ruth announced the Section's programs, roundtables and events to be held in Minneapolis. She thanked LEXIS-NEXIS for supporting the Section's luncheon.

Ruth congratulated Frank Houdek, the second recipient of the Hicks Award. Frank will be honored at the Section's reception on Tuesday night. Ruth thanked BNA, who is sponsoring the reception.

  1. Committee Reports
  1. Awards Committee - Merle Slyhoff

Merle thanked the members who submitted nominations for the Hicks Award. An announcement will be made soon requesting nominations for next year's Hicks Award.

Merle announced that the Executive Board approved the concept of an ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award, but that some of the details of the award still need to be worked out. The first Outstanding Article Award will be given out next year. February 15, 2002, will be the deadline for nominations for that award.

Ruth Hill thanked the Awards Committee and former Chair Tory Trotta for her work with the Section's awards.

  1. CONALL - Kumar Percy

The committee had a table in the CONELL Marketplace. Kumar announced a program on professional growth for newer academic law librarians and a roundtable on publishing.

  1. Newsletter - Shaun Esposito

There were three issues of the Section's newsletter this year. Shaun thanked Leah Sandwell-Weiss for putting the newsletter on the Section's web site.

  1. Education - Tim Coggins

Tim handed out summaries of programs proposed for the 2002 annual meeting.

  1. Strategic Planning - Larry Myers

Larry announced a strategic planning roundtable to be held on Tuesday.

  1. Bylaws - Mary Hood

Mary read a proposed amendment to sections 3 and 4 of the bylaws regarding succession. After comments from members, Mary announced that the proposal would be sent back to the bylaws committee for further work.

  1. Nominations - Susan Lewis-Somers

Susan thanked Anna Teller, who also served on the Nominations Committee this year. She announced the four candidates who ran for office this year. She thanked the newsletter editor for publishing an announcement of the election and the candidates' bios.

  1. Public Relations - Bonnie Koneski-White

Bonnie bought items for the Section's Activity Table in the Exhibit Hall. She announced that the committee is changing the Section's brochure.

  1. Roundtables/Special Projects
  1. CALI Research Project - Kit Kreilick

Kit announced that the topic grid for this project is available on the CALI web site. Proposals for exercises should be submitted to CALI. The next deadline for proposals is September 1, 2001. Training on CALI web authoring software will be held on Monday.

  1. Continuing Status/Tenure - Leah Sandwell-Weiss

On behalf of chair Susan Phillips, Leah announced a roundtable on continuing status and tenure to be held on Tuesday.

  1. Dialog with Vendors - Rosalie Sanderson

The Dialog with Vendors roundtable will be held tomorrow. Ideas for next year's roundtable should be submitted to incoming chair Nancy McMurrer.

  1. Librarian Exchange Project - Rich Leiter

Rich described the librarian exchange project, where an academic law librarian visits a law firm library. He announced that a firm and an academic law library in Southern California are working on an exchange. PLL-SIS and ALL-SIS will form a working group to work out the details of this project.

  1. Other Business

Rita Reusch reported on a new AALL special committee, the Future of Law Libraries in a Digital Age. She asked for input from members on how current trends are affecting our libraries.

  1. Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect's Report - Rosalie Sanderson

Ruth Hill passed the gavel to Rosalie Sanderson.

Rosalie encouraged participation in the Librarian Exchange Project.

She announced that she appointed Tim Coggins as Education Chair for the 2002 Annual Meeting.

Rebecca Trammell of Barry University will host the 2002 ALL-SIS reception.

Rosalie announced the following initiatives for next year: a task force for library support for law journals to be headed by Paul George; a task force on resources for collection development to be headed by Margie Axtmann; and an advanced legal research web sourcebook to be headed by Wendy Scott.

Rosalie adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Smith