Continuing Status/Tenure Working Group Roundtable Report

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The Academic Law Libraries SIS Working Group on Continuing Status/Tenure held a roundtable on Tuesday, July 17, 2001. Approximately ten people attended and participated in the roundtable.

We began by discussing the background of the working group and the survey conducted by Stephanie Marshall last year. Copies of the Chair's report from last year's Roundtable and Stephanie's website pages were handed out. After a general discussion of issues concerning continuing status, tenure, and benefits, Robert Hu, from Texas Tech School of Law, brought up the survey the librarians there plan to distribute within the near future on these issues. We made several suggestions to Robert concerning how to improve the chances of getting a sufficient response to the survey. He agreed to e-mail the attendees his latest draft of the survey for our comments. We agreed to wait to put any statistics up until Robert's survey is completed.

We also discussed putting up links to policy guidelines on continuing status or tenure from different schools, as well as Stephanie's other material, on the ALL-SIS site. Finally, we agreed that Leah Sandwell-Weiss would propose a program on the topic for next year's Convention, using Robert's survey and other attendees as potential speakers.

I invite anyone else who is interested in this topic to contact me at for more information or to join this working group.

Submitted by Leah Sandwell-Weiss, Reference Librarian, Law Library, James E. Rogers College of Law.