ALL-SIS Newsletter Columnists Sought

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Have you ever wished you had a place to talk about all the things you do in your own little corner of the academic law library world? I hope that we can begin regular columns dealing with the variety of topics we as academic law librarians encounter. Do you have experience in or thoughts you want to share in public services (including perhaps, reference, circulation, electronic services, legal research instruction) or technical services (including, perhaps, cataloging, acquisitions, preservation, or government documents? How about library administration and management? Amidst all the tensions and deadlines we face, do you still find some humor in the work we do day to day that you would like to share in a regular column? We only produce three issues of the Newsletter each year, so the duties of an ALL-SIS Newsletter columnist will not be too taxing. Anyone interested in undertaking a column, please contact me - Shaun Esposito, ALL-SIS Newsletter Editor, Head of Public Services, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, Law Library, P.O. Box 210176, Tucson, AZ 85721-0176, (520) 626-5551,