Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section Task Force on Library Support for Law Journals Survey

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1. Name of Library/School:

2. Name of person responding to survey:

3. How many journals/law reviews does the school published?

4. How many, if any, are not edited by students?

General Access and Space:

5. Does the journal have office space within the library perimeter (i.e., entrance is through the library)?
  ____  Yes
  ____   No
6. Does the library provide the journal with shelving within the library for cite checking materials?
  ____  Yes
  ____  No
7. Does the library provide journal students with carrel space not otherwise available to students?
  ____  Yes
  ____   No
8. Do students on journals have after hour privileges not otherwise available to students? If yes, please describe.
  ____  Yes
  ____  No

Circulation and access to materials:

9. Are the journals permitted to check out materials that do not otherwise circulate to students?
  ____  Yes, to offices outside the library
  ____  Yes, to offices or assigned space within the library
  ____  Yes, to other locations (please explain.)
  ____  No
10. Does the library provide free interlibrary loan for cite checking materials?
  ____  Yes
  ____  No
11. Please check the types of materials you permit journal students to check out to their offices/shelving spaces:
  ____  Monographs
  ____  Reference materials
  ____  Looseleafe services
  ____  Primary materials
  ____  None
12. Are the materials in Question 11 checked out in the name of
  ____  the journal?
  ____  an individual student?

Reference services:

13. What types of instructional programs does the library offer for student journals?
  ____  Research classes
  ____  Cite-checking instruction
  ____  Library guides/handouts. Please provide copies.
  ____  Web-based materials. Please provide URL or describe.
  ____  Other. Please describe.

14. Does the library provide any sort of liaison program with the journals (e.g., each journal has a librarian assigned to it as a principal contact and problem solver.)?

  ____  Yes. Please describe briefly.
  ____  No

Service Issue

15. What particular problems do the student journal's cite checking activities create for the library?

16. What services would the library like to provide to the student journals that it currently does not provide?



17. If you have a faculty-edited journal at your school, does the library provide different services to this journal?
  ____  Yes. Please describe briefly.
  ____  No

18. If you have more than one journal and your services are different for the different journals, please describe the differences and the reasons for them.

Please send completed survey and any other comments to Paul George, Harvard Law School Library, Cambridge, MA 02138,