Update on the CALI Legal Research Authoring Project

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Several exercises are in the pipeline and some should be included in the next CALI Exercise CD that will be distributed for Fall, 2002. But there's opportunity for many others to get involved with authoring exercises! We are now running on a 6-8 week submission cycle; the next round deadline is April 19, but there will be more to come for those who are just not ready right now. Summer's a comin', so think about doing an exercise as one of your summer projects! Approved exercise proposals submitted now will not make the Fall 2002 CD, but may be made available on the CALI website once they are completed. Many topics remain and you may have others not on the original topic grid you'd like us to consider. To look at the topic grid and get more information about submitting proposals, please take a look at the CALI website:  www.cali.org and follow the front page link on the right that says:  Legal Research Community Authoring Project.

--Kit Kreilick