ALL-SIS CALR Roundtable

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Hold on to your hats, everyone! Have you noticed that this year the CALR Roundtable has not been tacked on to the end of a busy Monday? Indeed, this year we will be meeting at 12:15 on Tuesday, July 23. No interference with happy hour or that chance to lie down for a minute before going out to dine and dance. Instead, we will just help you stay trim and slim during lunchtime (or, of course, you can bring your lunch along).

What are this year's hot issues? What has gone really well this year that you would like to share with your colleagues and with the vendors? What problems should we explore with each other and with the vendor's management representatives? As in every year, we want this roundtable to cover the areas that are important to you. In addition, we have a couple of ideas from last year's roundtable to discuss. First, we talked about how we might describe an ideal vendor-librarian relationship. What do we want our academic representatives to do, or not to do, for us, our students, faculty, and staff? Our vendor representatives also have job requirements; what do they need us to do, or not to do?

We also discussed integrating low-cost, alternative legal research services into our CALR curriculums. Many of our students may be in small or solo practices, and we would serve them well by introducing them to products like Loislaw, Quicklaw, VersusLaw, and other similar online programs. Like their larger competitors, these companies offer special deals to law schools so that students can investigate their use before having to subscribe. But how successful are we at getting students to try them? What do you do at your school? Perhaps we can brainstorm some brilliant strategies to try!

If you have ideas or subjects you want the Roundtable to cover, please pass them on to the Roundtable chair, Nancy McMurrer, And, of course, plan to attend the meeting on July 23, at 12:15 p.m. See you there!