Your SIS Wants You!!

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Working on an ALL-SIS committee is a wonderful way to make your mark in AALL. You get to work with colleagues who share common interests and help to mold the area of our profession that most interests you. Let me know how you want to help the SIS in 2002-03 … volunteer for committee assignments!

Whether you're new to the SIS or the profession, or you just never got around to volunteering in the past, we want you. I'll be appointing as many of you as I can, and don't be surprised if I call you even if you don't respond. Have questions about the committees? Feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or phone (215-898-9013). Return to Merle Slyhoff, University of Pennsylvania Law Library, 3460 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, or via above e-mail address. Deadline: July 5.


Merle Slyhoff
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect ALL-SIS

ALL-SIS Committee Assignment Request Form

Please select 3 choices, ranking your preferences, with 1 being the highest.

_____ Awards Committee _____ Legal Research
_____ Bylaws Committee _____ Relations with Vendors
_____ CONALL/Mentoring Committee _____ Statistics
_____ Continuing Status/Tenure Committee
_____ Program Committee (2004 Annual Meeting) _____ CALI Research Project
_____ Reception Local Arrangements _____ Visiting Librarian Project
_____ Membership and Recruitment Committee
_____ Newsletter Committee _____ Advanced Legal Research Web Sourcebook
_____ Nominations Committee _____ Library Support for Law Journals
_____ Public Relations Committee _____ Web Redesign (new)
_____ Website Committee _____ Educational Task Force (new)