ALL-SIS Election Results

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Elections were held this Spring for two positions on the ALL-SIS Executive Board:  Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. Running for the office of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect were Beth Smith, Assistant Director & Head of Pubic Services, Ross-Blakely Law Library, Arizona State University and Sally Wise, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law, University of Miami Law Library. For the post of Secretary-Treasurer the candidates were:  Kit Kreilick, Associate Law Librarian for Technology, Leo T. Kissam Memorial Library, Fordham University Law Library and Carole Hinchcliff, Associate Director, Moritz Law Library, Ohio State University. Sally Wise, Law Librarian, University of Miami School of Law, was elected as Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Kit Kreilick, Associate Law Librarian for Technology, Fordham University, was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

Although the election is over, the candidate statements, which were provided to ALL-SIS members and posted on the ALL-SIS web site, are set out below for historical purposes.

Statement of Beth Smith

I have been involved with ALL-SIS since I was a brand-new librarian. I am very grateful to ALL-SIS for giving me that opportunity. I was the ALL-SIS webmaster for several years, am now the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, and would be honored to serve as your Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The best part about being active in ALL-SIS is getting to know so many academic law librarians. However, there are many academic law librarians who are not members of ALL-SIS or who are members but do not participate in our activities. I hope we can change that. We have many issues that are unique to us continuing status/tenure, ABA statistics, the CALI research project, supporting law journals, etc. I look forward to continuing to bring my energy and enthusiasm to this SIS, in whatever capacity.

Statement of Sally Wise

At this point in my career, I am the director of the law library at the University of Miami. Previously I have been director of the law library at the University of Nebraska and I have also held positions at the law libraries of Southern Methodist University and Seattle University (formerly University of Puget Sound). Along the way I have been active in various chapters and sections of AALL, and have given my presentations, etc. So much for all that. ALL-SIS has been a very active organization providing forums for education, investigation, discussion and consideration of issues of interest to all academic law librarians. I would like to continue these activities and also to encourage the section to consider entering into beneficial partnerships with related organizations both within and without AALL.

Statement of Kristine (Kit) Kreilick

I've been an academic law librarian my entire career. As the Academic SIS, I think we need to focus on academic interests - not to the exclusion of other types of libraries or areas of practice such as "Readers' Services"-but in ways that complement what is being done in the other sections. We need to rise to Rosalie Sanderson's challenge to find "new and interesting ways to make our libraries relevant to today's students and faculties." (See the Message From the Chair, Spring 2002 Newsletter) As we do that, we will not only benefit ourselves and the academic environments in which we work, but others in our association who will be working with our alumni. It is my hope that I can contribute to that effort as Secretary-Treasurer of ALL-SIS.

ALL-SIS has several good projects and some good momentum going now and I would like to see that continue. The Survey on Library Support for Journals is a great idea; I daresay we are all facing challenges in our support of our journals as the number of journals grows and our budgets do not! We have made a good start towards developing a collection of CALI exercises in Legal Research and we need to keep that effort going so that research instructors will have a variety of exercises from which to choose on each topic. Our programs at the annual meeting often provide some of the best content of the conference. Let's keep up the good work and find new and interesting ways to make the AAL-SIS relevant to our colleagues in AALL as well as ourselves.

Statement of Carole Hinchcliff

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as Secretary/Treasurer of the ALL-SIS. In my career as an academic law librarian, the Academic SIS has provided me with a variety of invaluable professional development opportunities such as being mentored, serving as a mentor, sponsoring my annual meeting program proposals and participating in a variety of round table discussions. I have been privileged to learn from a variety of knowledgeable and dedicated academic law librarians.

Serving as Secretary/Treasurer, I intend to support the work of the ALL-SIS officers and current committee volunteers. I am eager to continue "creating connections" by promoting membership and encouraging participation, especially by newer members, in the ALL-SIS. I am poised to pitch in-after all, isn't pitching in what makes the ALL-SIS work best?