ALL-SIS Strategic Plan Draft

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The adoption of a strategic plan is a very important step for us as an organization. It will lend coherence to our activities and permit us to examine our organizational goals and the steps necessary to meet them. This plan builds upon work begun several years ago by an earlier committee which developed a mission statement for ALL-SIS. This year's committee worked very hard to move beyond the mission statement to goals, strategic directions, outcomes and specific initiatives for us to pursue as an organization.

This draft is an important first step. The draft will be revised in response to comments of members. After comments, revision, and adoption by the ALL-SIS executive board, a revised version will be proposed for adoption at the annual meeting. Please send your comments to Mark Bernstein, chair of the committee, at: While you are studying this draft, you may want to refer back to the AALL 2000-2005 Strategic Plan: "Leadership for the 21st Century: New Realities, Changing Roles" at for ways in which activities of ALL-SIS might coordinate with the plan adopted by the AALL.

Special thanks to are due members of the Strategic Plan Committee who worked very hard to develop this plan:  Suzanne Cassidy of Mercer University, Tom French of Syracuse University, Gary Hill of Brigham Young University, Larry Myers of University of LaVerne, Leah Sandwell-Weiss of the University of Arizona, Teresa Cristina Stanton of the University of North Carolina, and Mark Bernstein, chair, of Duke University.

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