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Created by Carissa J. Vogel, University of Washington, May 2008


  • Coverage of materials: 2005 to present
  • Items listed by format and, then, in reverse chronological order
  • Hyperlinks are to articles, PowerPoint presentations, tables of contents of books, or online lectures.



Programs and Conferences

  • American Association of Law Libraries
    • Annual Meeting
      Compiled using Frank Houdek’s AALL Annual Meetings: An Annotated Index of the Recordings (1989– ), Penny Hazelton’s conference notes, and the AALL Annual Meeting program guides.
      • 2005
        Conference proceedings for the following meetings can be accessed through sound recordings called Strategize! Values, Visions, and Vistas and are available at nineteen libraries world-wide (according to WorldCat search on May 23, 2008).
        • G2: Carmen Brigandi, Linda Ryan, Mark P. Bernstein, Barbara Bintliff, Margaret Fry, Penny Hazelton, Room at the Top: Strategy Tips From Hiring Squad (July 19, 2005).
      • The following workshop was held outside of the AALL Annual Meeting schedule and is not part of the conference sound recording.
        • Laura N. Gasaway, Janis Johnston, Martha Dragich, Barbara Bintliff, Frank Houdek, Penny Hazelton, Michelle Wu & Charles Ten Brink, Rebuilding the Profession: A Workshop for Librarians Interested in an Academic Directorship (July 20, 2005) in 99 Law Libr. J. 101 (2007).