Sun. 7/11 12:00pm — CS-SIS Program: Cool Tools Cafe

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2010 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference

Date/Time:  Sun, Jul 11 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Location/Room:  CCC-Four Seasons Ballroom 1

Emerging technologies are touching all aspects of the law library. This CS-SIS program features a smorgasbord of tools and gadgets that will help you create, organize and deliver information, increase productivity, and connect with users.


  • Table 1, Streaming on a Shoestring - Dan Blackaby, John Beatty
    Learn how to stream events live to multiple web platforms using only a webcam, a USB mike and a UStream.TV account. It will allow law schools, or anyone, really, who doesn't have the IT infrastructure to get videos on the web.
  • Table 2, Online File Storage and Sharing with - Tom Boone
    Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service that allows users to store and share files across the internet. File synchronization automatically provides a user access to their files from any computer as well and via the service's website. Librarians can use Dropbox to share files with other librarians using private shared folders or with patrons using public folders.
  • Table 3, Record, Search & Track Reference Interactions with Gimlet - Bonnie Shucha
    Build a knowledge base of reference interactions with Gimlet to draw on staff skills, train new employees, and track recommended resources. Also use to refer reference questions and analyze statistics by duration, day/time, patron category and more. One basic site is free - advanced reports and additional sites at additional cost.
    URL: Handout
  • Table 4, Using Google Wave to Support Collaboration - Jason Eiseman
    After making a huge splash many people have asked what is Google Wave good for. This demo will give you the ins and outs of Google Wave, why it's important and how you can use it to enhance collaboration.
  • Table 5, iPads for Law Libraries: More than just a “giant iPhone - Debbie Ginsberg, Kathryn Broad
    Since it first became available in April 2010, Apple has sold over 3 million iPads. They work great in our living rooms, but how can law librarians take advantage of Apple’s new gadget? We’ll show you how we use our iPads for to keep up with news and blogs, sketch out ideas and diagrams, read all kinds of ebooks and texts, take and share notes, and even do a little research.
    URL: of useful iPad apps
  • Table 6, Use Jing To Create Screenshots & Short Video Tutorials - Stephanie Davidson
    Learn how to create screenshots and short video tutorials using the free capture software Jing, by TechSmith (the creators of Camtasia).
  • Table 7, LibGuides: Web 2.0 Research Guides - Elizabeth Farrell
    LibGuides is a commercial, hosted service utilized by all kinds of libraries (including law libraries) to easily create research guides. Instead of a dry bibliography of call numbers and URLs, LibGuides allows you to include content such as RSS feeds, YouTube videos and chat widgets.
  • Table 8, Create Online Screencasts in a Snap Using Tegrity - Cindy Bassett
    If you have ever wanted to a.) just show someone what to do rather than explain it in a 100 page email b.) let students review a lecture on their own time c.) create an online tutorial about how to use a database, then you might be interested in using Tegrity. Tegrity is an incredibly easy-to-use piece of software that lets you lecture capture, screen cast, and create online tutorials in a snap. And, as a bonus, it can integrate into course management software like Blackboard.
  • Table 9, Android Apps for Law Librarians - Hadi Amjadi, Kris Niedringhaus
    The many tools available to help facilitate access to reference resources as well as library services while mobile.
    PDF Handout
  • Table 10, iPhone Apps for Law Librarians Include but Are Not Limited to the Following…. - Melissa Serfass, Kama Sue Siegel
    There are many apps for the iPhone which are library-specific, and many apps that are attorney- or law-student-specific. This presentation will show the intersection between the two.
  • Table 11, Create a Custom RSS Feed with Yahoo Pipes - Scott Frey
    Yahoo Pipes allows you to mash up feeds from various websites into one custom feed. So, for example, a law librarian could combine feeds from legal blogs or from Twitter pages of notable legal professionals, and then display the combined feed as a widget on the library's website or subscribe to it in Google Reader.
    Sample AALL Pipe
  • Table 12, Zotero: Organize Research & Make Bibliographies Fast! - Jennifer Duperon, Jill Smith
    Zotero is more than your average citation management software. This free Firefox add-on simplifies online research by capturing citation information and storing PDFs of articles, books, cases, or other sources from sites like library catalogs, Hein Online, and Google Scholar, or saving information from any site, including Westlaw and Lexis. Librarians are using Zotero to generate perfectly formatted bibliographies at lightning speed, to create detailed research logs to share with student or faculty researchers, to organize PDFs, images, notes and web pages about a book, article, or other source in one easily searchable place, and much more.
  • Table 13, Organizing Your Notes & Research with Evernote - Jamie Sommer
    Ever lose a scrap of paper or save your notes to a file never to be found again? Evernote captures all of your notes in a single place and enables you to quickly and easily access research ideas. It organizes text notes, photographs, audio files, pdfs or selected sections of websites, and makes them available to you from any computer or smartphone.
  • Table 14, Microblogging and Communicating with Twitter - Sarah Glassmeyer, Fred Dingledy
    You've probably heard of Twitter. However, did you realize that it can be a valuable tool for professional communication and library outreach? This demonstration will show you how to set up a twitter account as well as choose among options for posting to the site (both desktop and mobile)

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Cool Tools Cafe coordinators: Bonnie Shucha & Sally Irvin

Greeters/helpers:  Saskia Mehlhorn & Sue Altmeyer

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