Library of Congress Hawaiian Law Classification project

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Veteran law librarian and FCIL-SIS member Jolande Goldberg, of the United States Library of Congress, is in the midst of preparing a Library of Congress updated classification of Hawaiian law.  Jolande’s schedule is a draft schedule KVJ Hawaii (to ca.1900), and is posted for review and comment (review period ending August 31, 2013).  We include both the proposed schedule and an alternative section dealing with indigenous law.  The red highlighted sections indicate the “digital mass” of Kingdom of Hawaii resources at the Hawaiian State Archives.  Jolande was privileged to select these items (which have been digitized by the Law Library Microform Consortium-Digital (LLMC), in cooperation with the Hawaiian State Archives and the Law School of the University of Hawaii).  A fair amount of the content is now up on the Hawaiian State Archives and LLMC websites.  Eventually, the Law Portal version of class K will allow such materials to be accessed directly. 

The text of KVJ eventually will be bilingual (English/Hawaiian).  The official translator of the archives will be involved in this effort, which is critical since so many of the archival primary law materials are in the Hawaiian language. 

Jolande would greatly appreciate feedback from FCIL-SIS members on her drafts.  Please send comments to Jolande Goldberg at