FCIL Newsletter, October 1995

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FCIL Newsletter / October 1995

AALL Call for Papers

by Peter Schanck
University of Kansas Law Library

The AALL Call for Papers Committee seeks submission of papers for its annual competition. The objectives of the contest are threefold: 1) to promote scholarship among practicing law librarians in areas of interest to the profession; 2) to provide a creative outlet for law librarians and a forum for their scholarly activities; and 3) to recognize the scholarly efforts of established members, new members, and potential members of AALL.

The winners of the competition will be recognized during award ceremonies at the closing banquet of the Annual Meeting. Co-authors of winning papers will share the award. Winners are given the opportunity to present the paper at the Annual Meeting of the Association. The paper will be forwarded to the editor of Law Library Journal for publication consideration.


Open Division: Current AALL members who have been members for five or more years.

New Members Division: Current AALL members who have been members of AALL for fewer than five years.

Student Division: Currently enrolled in library or a law school. Students do not need to be members of AALL.

No paper which has been published or accepted for publication will be eligible for consideration.

Substantive Requirements

Papers must be original works. Papers submitted for courses are acceptable provided they otherwise comply with the requirements of this contest. The papers may address any subject relevant to law librarianship. The papers may be scholarly or practical in substance and tone; the subject should be explored in depth with appropriate reference to sources and documentation of assertions. Submissions for the Student Division should also include a supporting letter from an instructor at the institution at which the student is enrolled (preferably the supervising faculty members for the paper).

Submissions will only be accepted in one division. To encourage wider participation, authors may win only twice in the same division (different years).

Form Requirements

The papers must be double spaced with 1�-inch margins. Citation and style must conform to the requirements outlined in the author's guide for Law Library Journal.

Each submission must be accompanied by triplicate copies of a cover letter describing the purpose of the paper and research methodologies, a short abstract, and a completed application form. Papers, applications, cover letters, abstracts (and instructor's letters) must be submitted in triplicate to the name and address noted on the application form.

Judging Criteria

Significance, originality, usefulness to law librarians, analysis, depth of discussion, and comprehensiveness of treatment: 50 percent.

Organization, manner of presentation, writing, and readability: 30 percent.

Grammar, punctuation, citation form, satisfaction of submission requirements (i.e., triplicate copies of abstract, cover letter, supporting letter, paper, etc.): 20 percent.


To be eligible for an award, submitted papers, together with all required supporting documents, must be postmarked by April 15, 1996, and received by April 22, 1996. All decisions of the committee regarding eligibility will be final.

Papers will be reviewed by the Call for Papers Committee: Peter Schanck, University of Kansas Law Library (chair); Edward Benefiel, Phelps Dunbar; Katharine Ewing, CUNY Law School Library.

Winning papers will be selected by April 30, 1966. A maximum of three awards may be given in one division or a combination of divisions. Preference will be given to awarding one prize in each division.

For further information about Call for Papers Competition, contact:
Peter C. Schanck
University of Kansas School of Law Library
Green Hall
Lawrence, Kansas 66045

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