FCIL Newsletter, Autumn 1995

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FCIL Newsletter / Autumn 1995

News of Our Colleagues

by Mila Rush
University of Minnesota Law Library

For this issue, we have news about two of our members: Kent McKeever and Paul Zarins.

Kent McKeever, Columbia University Law Library, was in Kazakhstan for two weeks during the summer of 1994. When the newly independent state of Kazakhstan needed help from a law librarian in analyzing its user needs and in drafting a workplan for establishing a legal information center, Kent was that law librarian. Read about Kent's work for US/AID in Kazakhstan in the following article.

Our second personality is Paul Zarins, who will have "moved on" by the time you read this. Paul is making giant leaps, geographically and professionally, this summer, moving from the District of Columbia to California. At the end of August he completed over five years of service as International/Foreign Law Librarian at the Jacob Burns Law Library, George Washington University, to become the social sciences bibliographer at the Cecil H. Green Library, Stanford University.

We will miss Paul in the law library community, and more so in the FCIL sub-community. Among his contributions to the FCIL SIS, I will especially remember Paul's immediate willingness to help launch the Electronic Issues Group by agreeing to be its first coordinator. Thanks to Paul's (and his successors ) imaginative, informative, invigorating agendas, the Electronic Issues Working Group is now among the SIS's very well-attended meetings.

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