FCIL Newsletter, October 1995

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FCIL Newsletter / October 1995

Free Money! AALL Scholarships

Type I: LIBRARY DEGREE FOR LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES. Awarded to a graduate of a law school who is a degree candidate in library school.

TYPE II: LIBRARY SCHOOL GRADUATES ATTENDING LAW SCHOOL. Awarded to a library school graduate working toward a law degree.

TYPE III: LIBRARY DEGREE FOR NON-LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES. Awarded to a college graduate who is a degree candidate in an accredited library school.

TYPE IV: SPECIAL COURSE IN LAW LIBRARIANSHIP. Awarded to Librarians for courses related to law librarianship.

THE GEORGE A. STRAIT MINORITY STIPEND. Awarded to a member of a minority group who is a degree candidate in either library or law school.

For more information, please write:
American Association of Law Libraries
53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 940
Chicago, IL 60604

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