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FCIL Newsletter / October 1997

Minutes of the 1997 Business Meeting

The annual business meeting of the Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries was convened on July 22, at 5:30 p.m. by the outgoing Chair, Margareta Horiba (Tulane University Law Library). Some 65 members of the FCIL SIS attended.

The minutes of the 1996 FCIL SIS business meeting, as published in the October 1996 Newsletter, were unanimously approved. The Secretary/Treasurer, Radu D. Popa (NYU Law Library), then submitted the Treasurer's Report. The current balance was $2,153.23. The Treasurer's report was adopted unanimously.

The results of the election were acknowledged next. The new Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Maria Smolka-Day (University of Pennsylvania Law Library), and the new Secretary/Treasurer, Jonathan Franklin (University of Michigan Law Library), were introduced.

The Chair then announced that several of the working groups that had met in Baltimore will report on their discussions in the FCIL Newsletter. These include the Electronic Issues Working Group, the African Law Working Group, the Asian Law Working Group, the Latin American Law Working Group, the CIS and Eastern European Law Working Group, the Education/Programs Subcommittee, and the Teaching Foreign and International Legal Research Working Group.

At this time the Chair gave special recognition to several individuals, followed by announcements from the floor. Margareta acknowledged in absentia Grace Mills (Boalt Hall Law Library) and her work on revising and republishing the FCIL brochure, and she thanked Anne Burnett (University of Georgia Law Library) for her work on the FCIL webpage. The Chair and the whole audience warmly recognized Ken Rudolf ( Yale Law Library) for his high-quality work as the editor of the FCIL Newsletter for the past four years. Anne Burnett was introduced as the new editor of the Newsletter. In the absence of David McFadden (Southwestern University School of Law Library), the new chair of the Clearinghouse for International Placements and International Personnel Exchanges, Telle Zoller (University of Wisconsin) spoke about the group. Gail Partin (Dickinson School of Law Library) spoke about the Education/Program Committee's work and made some important announcements related to the new structure of programs and the convention next year in Anaheim. Finally, Larry Wenger, IALL President, made announcements related to the IALL Annual Meeting to convene in Lund, Sweden, in August 1997.

As the discussion evolved to new business matters, Jonathan Pratter expressed reservations about the competence and ability of the AALL to represent the diverse interests of its several SISs. Jolande Goldberg then introduced a proposal that the FCIL SIS give LC official suggestions for subject heading changes in the field of international law to be used with the revised JZ/JX classification just completed. Margareta suggested that Jolande should formulate a proposal and present it to the Chair.

After welcoming new members and visitors from abroad, the outgoing Chair, Margareta Horiba, turned over the SIS to the incoming Chair, Bill McCloy, from University of Washington. The new Chair discussed AALL's Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee (AMPSC) and its new offshoot, the Professional Development Committee, emphasizing how their new directions will influence how we formulate our program proposals. He also called the attention of the group to the radically different schedule proposed for the Anaheim meeting and how this will affect our FCIL programs and working groups. He encouraged the members to be aware of what is happening in AALL, especially with these two committees, and to be proactive in contacting their members regarding how our SIS can be useful in providing ideas and expertise for programs and workshops in our area of specialty. Finally, he urged members to submit program proposals for the Anaheim meeting in 1998 to the Education/Program committee as soon as possible.

Bill McCloy warmly expressed his gratitude to Margareta Horiba, the outgoing Chair, and Radu D. Popa, the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer. He also wished good luck to Maria Smolka-Day, the new Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, and Jonathan Franklin, the new Secretary/Treasurer. The Chair adjourned the meeting at 6:15 p.m.

The meeting was immediately followed by the traditional reception for foreign visitors.

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