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FCIL Newsletter / October 1997

Request for Proposals

October 8, 1997

The Professional Development Committee of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) is soliciting proposals for development of an educational program on the topic of legal research as defined herein.

Program specifics:

  • Full-day workshop
  • Faculty of one person
  • Suitable for group of 30-50
  • To include minimum of 1 hour interactive participation
  • Substantial hardcopy course materials are expected

A minimum of three presentations of the program shall occur between March 1998 and December 2000. The creator/presenter and AALL will sign a contract outlining the schedule, payment and rights to the program materials.

Travel expenses and a modest stipend will be paid each time a program is presented, in accordance with AALL's reimbursement policies and through use of AALL's travel agent for transportation and hotel reservations. AALL expects to pa a curriculum development fee following an evaluation by the Director of Programs and the Professional Development Committee for its fulfillment of the requirements of the contract.

Target audience:

  • To include law librarians, non-law librarians, library paraprofessional and legal paraprofessionals


  • Beginner

Program content:

  • The curriculum will focus on the basic techniques for legal research. Background subject matter to be covered includes but is not limited to the legal system, types of legal documents and available print and electronic resources. Other subject matters to be reviewed are the process of accessing, evaluating and filtering documents/information and the tools necessary to do so; how to identify additional resources for referral; and how to create guides such as handouts, aides, pathfinders and bibliographies on legal and related topics.

Proposal content:

  • Detailed topics/content to be covered
  • Clearly stated learning methodologies and outcomes
  • Description of hardcopy course materials
  • Description of presenter's qualifications and knowledge on the topic of legal research
  • Cost estimates for curriculum development and presentation


  • Proposals due November 1, 1997
  • Proposal selection by January 1, 1998
  • Final curriculum due March 1, 1998
  • Presentation dates TBD; Minimum of one time per year in 1998, 1999, 2000

Submit proposal to:

    The Professional Development Committee

    American Association of Law Libraries

    c/o Lara Koban, Educational Program Coordinator

    53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 940

    Chicago, IL 60604

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