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FCIL Newsletter / October 1997

Last Minute Reminders from the Chair

William McCloy

University of Washington Law Library

Since writing my newsletter column, three issues have come up which I would urge you to consider seriously. First of all, I would strongly encourage you to volunteer for an AALL committee (the October issue of AALL Spectrum includes information on how to do so). In particular, if we could get representation of our membership on the Annual Program Selection Committee, we might be able to effect real change in an area of greatest concern to us -- more meaningful programming for FCIL SIS members. Secondly, AALL has asked me to pass on information on how to order Educational Program Materials and Audio Cassettes from the Baltimore meeting. This can be particularly valuable for members who were unable to attend. Please see the advertisement posted below. (The Fax on Demand number is 908-544-5901 and the website is: http://www.aallnet.org/services/fod.html.) Finally, I am passing on information from the Professional Development Committee of AALL regarding an RFP for a workshop on the subject of legal research. (Please see verso of this page.) Although this workshop is presumably to deal with "generic" legal research (not specifically foreign and international), I pass it along in case any of you marvelously multi-talented people may be interested.

Bill McCloy

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