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FCIL Newsletter/February 1998
v. 12, no. 2

Teaching Foreign, Comparative and International Law Working Group
Baltimore Meeting, July 1997
submitted by Christine Corcos, LSU Law Library

We discussed the desirability of concentrating on two major projects for the coming year: 1) updating and adding to the syllabi for legal research courses in foreign, comparative and international law and 2) the necessity of identifying and developing materials for teaching these courses.


New and updated syllabi should be sent in ASCII or WP format to Christine Corcos, LSU Law Center Library, East Campus Drive, Baton Rouge LA 70803-1010. Any teaching materials, including bibliographies, quizzes, sample questions, etc. can also be sent to Professor Corcos.

These materials will be mounted on the LSU Law Library's website for use by the working group and other interested persons.


We all agreed that each one of us spends a great deal of time creating and updating materials for our courses. Should we attempt to put together a coherent, easily available core set of materials that students could buy and that could routinely be updated? We discussed briefly volunteering to do chapters or parts of chapters, exercises, and testing materials for such a set of materials. Publication could be handled either in house at a working group member's own law school, or by a suitable commercial publisher. Corcos approached William S. Hein company at the Convention just to inquire whether such a publication seemed commercially feasible. Intial reaction was cautious but positive.

For the Anaheim meeting we should bring ideas for such a project to the working group, identify whether we seriously want to proceed and then address the following questions: 1) organization 2) authorship (who will take responsibility for writing these materials) and 3) publication (do we proceed in house at some member's school, post these materials in coherent fashion on someone's website or approach a commercial publisher)?

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