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FCIL Newsletter/February 1998
v.12, no.2

People in the Profession

Question: Which new(ish) FCIL member spent two years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines, clerked for a federal district court judge in Puerto Rico, worked for a New York law firm for a couple of years, and studied law for a semester at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich?

Answer: Stefanie Weigmann at Boston University's Pappas Law Library.

Stefanie began working at the Pappas Law Library on January 2, 1997 as the reference librarian in charge of international and foreign reference. In addition to regular reference duties, all foreign and international questions are routed to her. She's been learning on her feet, and so was pleased to take advantage of the International Organizations course offered last summer by Jeanne Rehberg and Jean Davis. At their suggestion, Stefanie also went to the New York Bar Association International Law Weekend.

In addition to fielding foreign and international legal reference questions, this past fall Stefanie gave a series of lectures over 8 weeks on various areas of foreign and international legal research. She is planning to turn this into a collection of research guides and bibliographies on the Pappas webpage.

Before starting law school, Stefanie spent two years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law. She split the next four years between clerking for a federal district court judge in Puerto Rico and working for a New York law firm. When it came time to choose a library school, she returned to the University of Michigan because she knew the librarians at the University of Michigan Law Library and had particularly enjoyed working there as a law student.

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