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FCIL Newsletter/May 1998
v. 12, no. 3

William B. McCloy, University of
Washington Gallagher Law Library

It hardly seems possible that at the time of this writing the 1998 Annual Meeting in Anaheim is only three months away and that by the time of the next newsletter in October, those meetings will already be a memory. As reported in last October's newsletter, of the ten programs proposed by our SIS (plus two we proposed co-sponsoring), fully half were selected. Though it's sometimes hard to see the reasons behind what is accepted and what is rejected, one thing is certain. Our SIS continues to be among the leaders in quality educational programming in the Association, and I, for one, am excitedly looking forward to hearing what our colleagues have prepared! (For a listing of programs related to foreign, comparative and international law, see elsewhere in this issue, the AALL preliminary program, or our excellent website, maintained by Anne Burnett.)

Though I had not really intended it, the theme of my remarks this time appears to be member involvement and recognition. As I glanced at the programs we are sponsoring or co-sponsoring this year, as well as the related workshop, I came up with the following impressive list of names of FCIL members participating as speakers, coordinators, or moderators: Dan Wade, Marci Hoffman, Katherine Topulos, Dennis Sears, Jean Davis, Roberta Shaffer, Gail Partin, Chris Corcos, Lyo Louis-Jacques, Anne Burnett, Jolande Goldberg, and Christina Tarr. (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!) And this doesn't even include those of you who lead working groups, serve on committees and work behind the scenes with little or no recognition. I also would like to highlight the fact that many of our members were speakers and organizers at the recent ASIL annual meeting. Though I was unable to attend, knowing the FCIL people who participated I'm certain it was an outstanding program.

And how could we fail to congratulate the FCIL members who were recently elected to the AALL Executive Board? Margie Axtmann has been elected Vice-President/President-Elect of our Association and Frank Liu a member of the Executive Board (Frank is also currently the President of the Asian American Law Librarians Caucus which jointly sponsors our Asian Law Working Group and has co-sponsored many programs with us through the years). Please take advantage of Margie and Frank's involvement at the highest levels of our Association to make your suggestions and concerns known. And, once again, consider volunteering for an AALL committee yourself. The Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee and its recent offshoot, the Professional Development Committee, are two examples of areas where we might make a positive impact on programs and activities in the areas of foreign, comparative, and international law.

Also take special note of the Annual Meeting schedule listed elsewhere in this issue. As I mentioned in my remarks at last summer's business meeting, the schedule in Anaheim will be radically different from what we have been used to in the past. In particular, our FCIL SIS Business Meeting and Reception for Attendees from Abroad will be held on Wednesday afternoon, from 1:30-3:00. Plan to stay in Anaheim through this last day of the conference. We were unable to secure the early evening slot and earlier date we have enjoyed in the past, so due to the time of day, we will plan on light refreshments for our reception. We sincerely hope that you all will be able to join us and will encourage any visitors from abroad to be our guests.

I have received feedback from only a small number of members regarding the issues I highlighted in the October newsletter, concerns about program selection and whether the Association truly understands the needs of our membership. If you are interested in this or the related issue of the difficulties we face in scheduling our numerous working groups and committees within the newly restructured schedule, I encourage you to think through the options and prepare to discuss alternatives as we meet in Anaheim. The annual business meeting is an appropriate venue for discussion of issues such as these, though my feeling is that it tends to be too short (and sometimes too formal) for extended discussion. Perhaps we could gather over a meal or otherwise informally and hash these issues out more completely face-to-face. I'll be looking forward to seeing you all before long in sunny California!

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