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FCIL Newsletter, October 1998
v. 13, no. 1

FCIL Clearinghouse for Internships and International Personnel Exchanges
20 July 1997, Baltimore
Submitted by David McFadden

[Ed. note: this issue also contains the 1998 report]

Attendees: David McFadden, Telle Zoller, Maria Smolke-Day, Suzanne Thorpe, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Katherine Topulos, Catherine Krieps, Charlotte Bynum

There was a discussion of ways to distribute the questionnaire through Int-Law, EURO-LEX, and other lists including Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and others.

There was also a discussion of other ways of contacting potential libraries for exchanges and visits and other ways to distribute the questionnaire. It was suggested to distribute the questionnaire through foreign legal scholars visiting the United States. It was suggested that the questionnaire be translated and put on the Web. It was later suggested to have the English version of the questionnaire on the Web as well. Bill McCloy said he could arrange a Chinese or Japanese translation of the questionnaire. Another source of information was librarians doing internships from abroad. It was discussed that we should have an article in the AALL Spectrum about the Clearinghouse and foreign exchange/visits. Having law library directors help with the Questionnaire. Contacting the AALS Exchange Committee was another place for information about exchange/visits and a way of possibly distributing the questionnaire. Working with Summer Law School Programs was suggested as a means to disseminate and gather information for exchanges and visits. Other specific contacts were also discussed.

A number of members of the subcommittee volunteered to work on some of these suggestions.

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