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FCIL Newsletter, October 1998
v. 13, no. 1

FCIL Clearinghouse for Internships and International Personnel Exchanges
12 July 1998, Anaheim
Submitted by David McFadden

Attendees: David McFadden, Anne Burnett, Jeanette Yackle, Maria Smolka-Day, Bill McCloy, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Katherine Topulos, Charlotte Bynum, Tracy Thompson, John McNeill, Rick Goheen (others were in attendance since the Special FCIL Meeting was being held at 4:30 in the same room.)

It was reported that the clearinghouse questionnaire had been translated into Chinese by Nongji Zhang of Harvard. Bill McCloy will help select libraries with law programs in China to send the questionnaire and cover letter. Katherine Topulos and Catharine Krieps volunteered last year to do the French translation and will continue to work on that. Jeanette Yackle agreed to do the Portuguese translation. It was also suggested that a request for other help with translations of the questionnaire be posted on Int-Law and the FCIL listserv.

David McFadden agreed to arrange to have the questionnaire posted in English on Int-Law and EURO-LEX.

Lyonette Louis-Jacques volunteered to draft a letter for all AALL/AALS law school deans and library directors to solicit their help in distributing the questionnaire and in other ways helping us gather contacts for possible foreign visits/exchanges. Her deadline is the end of September.

Anne Burnett will help with getting questionnaire information in the FCIL Newsletter and on the Web site.

Lyonette Louis-Jacques also agreed to help identify other organizations and groups that have librarian exchange programs that we could work with. Her deadline is the end of September.

Charlotte Bynum will be contacting all of the libraries that have previously responded to the questionnaire, which was last published in the FCIL Newsletter, Vol.10, Nos. 2/3, February/May 1996 and update their information.

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