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FCIL Newsletter, October 1998
v. 13, no. 1

Report of the Latin American Law Working Group
July 1998, Anaheim
Submitted by Dan Wade

Fourteen librarians convened the meeting of the Latin American Law Working Group on July 14th at the 1998 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. Several important developments were announced at the meeting:

  • The group celebrated the publication of their colleague, Lynn Shirey, bibliographer for Latin America at the Harvard Law Library, Latin American Writers, 1997, published by Facts on File.
  • Stephanie Weigmann, Boston University Law Library, has accepted the role of GODORT liason to the Organization of American States. She will invite a representative of the OAS to next year's meeting. Stephanie also agreed to be the convener for next year's meeting. Agenda items for the meeting may be sent to her.
  • The group voted to support the program proposal of the University of Puerto Rico's focusing on Cuba (the proposal was subsequently submitted to the AALL Program Committee). The University of Puerto Rico is collecting heavily in the law of the Caribbean region. They offer to send their Acquisitions list to those who are interested in it.
  • Tim Mulligan, University of Houston, announced that he was working on a USAID research project that would create a pathfinder that would facilitate legal cooperation between the United States and Mexico. The University of Houston is acquiring most of their Mexican law books through a Puvill approval plan.
  • The group following the Asian Law Working Group agreed to bring information on the publication of Constitutional law reports to the meeting next year.
  • It was announced that Libería García Cambeiro distributed publications lists via email. They also are publishing a print catalog, the Boletín Biliográfico Latbook. Their Web site can be found at http://www.latbook.com.ar.
  • Jeanette Yackle, Harvard, declaring no civilized person would awake at the hour the Asian Law Working Group convened, announced that research guides on East Asian legal systems were being developed at the Harvard Law School. She promised to let the group know when these were published and available for acquisition.

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