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FCIL Newsletter, February 1999
v. 13, no. 2

AALLNET Enhanced by Addition of
Member Profile Information
Deletion Option Available for Members
with Concerns about Privacy

[Editor: from AALL Press Release, dated 1/26/99, posted to AALL Listserve; please check your listing to ensure that you are listed a member of the FCIL SIS]

The Membership Database section of the AALLNET Web site has been significantly enhanced by the addition of information from Member Profile forms. This new information about individual members was collected over a two-year period and during that time over 2500 members submitted a voluntary AALL Member Profile.

The enhanced member profiles on AALLNET now include educational background and professional experience, as well as membership history in AALL, other associations, and Chapters.

Similar information was previously compiled and available in the infrequently published Biographical Directory, the last edition of which appeared in 1992. The new electronic version of the Biographical Directory replaces the print publication and has the significant advantage of being able to be revised and updated on an annual basis. Members will receive copies of their Member Profiles along with their dues renewal notices each year, giving them the opportunity to provide new or updated information. Information concerning race has been deleted from the Member Database section of AALLNET.

Members wishing to delete their entire profiles from AALLNET should send an e-mail message to Marcia Bradley, AALL�s new Membership Services Coordinator (mbradley@aall.org).

AALL is aware that there may have been some confusion regarding the extent and intention of this enhancement to the award-winning AALLNET Web site. We wish to apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced.

Questions about the membership database and related issues should be addressed to Marcia Bradley, whose telephone number is (312) 939-4770, ext. 24.

As for the future, President Jim Heller and VP/President Elect Margie Axtmann have recently appointed an AALLNET Task Force that will work with headquarters staff to study other enhancements to AALLNET. The task force is comprised of the incoming 1999-2000 chairs of the three �type-of-library� SIS�s: Tory Trotta (chair) (ALL-SIS); Shirley David (SCC-SIS), and Kathie Sullivan (PLL-SIS).

The task force will advise the AALL Executive Board and AALL Executive Director on the current policy governing AALLNET, and on the future development and growth of AALLNET. The Task Force will make policy recommendations to the Board, in particular regarding the contents of a members-only section. It also will advise the Board on the potential roles and responsibilities of a permanent AALLNET Advisory Committee. The Task Force will also help develop a three-year plan for AALLNET and identify sections of AALLNET that are of high value to members. It will, of course, consult with AALL members and others as appropriate for making its recommendations.

President Jim Heller and VP/President Elect Margie Axtmann welcome comments and suggestions from members on the future of AALLNET.

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