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FCIL Newsletter, February 1999
v. 13, no. 2

AALL Special Interest Sections:
Contributing to Successful Annual Meetings
Timothy L. Coggins, Chair
Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee

Most AALL members who attend the AALL Annual Meeting each year think about the significant number of business meetings, task force meetings, special activities, and receptions sponsored by or hosted by the Special Interest Sections. But there is another portion of the Annual Meeting that simply would not succeed as well as it does without the active participation of the Special Interest Sections - the educational program component of the Annual Meeting. Each year the Special Interest Sections and their education or program committees develop, submit, and present a considerable number of educational programs that address the needs of all AALL members.

The Washington, D.C. meeting, �At the Crossroads: Information Management, Technology, and Policy� (July 17 - 22, 1999), is no exception. The SIS education committees submitted more than 100 of the 170+ program proposals (each proposal was counted only once even if it was co-sponsored by more than one SIS) for the 1999 Annual Meeting. Additionally, the SISs also participated in the development of 10 of the 17 submitted workshop proposals. The Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee appreciates very much all the hard work completed by the SISs for the 1999 Annual Meeting.

Following are some statistics that show the crucial role that the SISs will play in the 1999 Annual Meeting.* The 1999 Annual Meeting will include 76 educational programs and six workshops. Five of the six accepted workshops are sponsored or co-sponsored by an SIS. The Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section (PLL) is sponsoring two workshops � �All Systems Are Not Created Equal: How to Navigate the World of Integrated Library Systems� and �Second Generation: the Advanced Intranet Web Site.� The Government Documents SIS also is sponsoring or co-sponsoring two workshops � �Law Librarians Meet the 106th Congress: AALL Legislative Day� and �Depository Library Workshop for Law Librarians at the Government Printing Office.� The other SIS-sponsored workshop is �Meet the Legal Specialists: Expert Advice on Research and Acquisitions of Foreign Law in the Vernacular,� developed and sponsored by the Foreign, Comparative, and International Law SIS.

Of the 76 programs that will be presented at the 1999 Annual Meeting, 46 - approximately 60% � are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Special Interest Sections! All thirteen SISs are sponsors or co-sponsors of programs. Several of the SISs are sponsoring or co-sponsoring many programs. One SIS, for example, is sponsoring eight programs, while another SIS is sponsoring seven programs. SIS-sponsored programs will deal with crucial issues facing all of us as law librarians and legal information specialists. Some topics covered by SIS programs are the impact of electronic publishing on law libraries; improving public trust in the justice system; getting clients to value legal research; the year 2000 millennium bug; information architecture for the world wide web; court information and access to it; official gazettes; encryption; privacy law in the Internet age; the Cuban legal system; antitrust review procedures; use of the Internet in Technical Services; collaborative knowledge sharing; and many, many, others!

The Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee gratefully appreciates the SIS efforts to develop, submit, and present terrific educational programming for AALL members.  The Committee absolutely could not put on the great show that the 1999 Annual Meeting will be (we hope!) without your help!

See you in Washington, D.C. in July, 1999.

(*This article is intended to illustrate the importance of the SISs to the educational program of AALL and is not intended to generate competition among the SISs for program slots.  The Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee selects programs based on the quality and the strength of the proposals and does not look at the sponsoring person or group.)

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